Our pricing models are very simple and affordable. We generally operate on a fixed pricing per month by providing a full-charge bookkeeper. We are also very flexible by working on an hourly basis with no minimum commitment.

Hourly Rate

Apply to those projects which have specific requirements, time bound and small or specific requirements.

Monthly Rate

Apply to those who need a full charge bookkeeper but do not find time to keep their books up to date. A dedicated full charge bookkeeper whose talents best fits to your type of business will be working during your working hours.

Project Rate

Apply to middle to large volume data projects. We estimate how long the whole process will take then offer certain discount based on our hourly rate.

Per Tax return - for CPA firms: Velan's team of experts who have good working knowledge in tax software's like UltraTax, Lacerte, Turbo Tax etc would assist CPAs with customized tax return preparation services with per tax return cost.

Each quote we provide is thoroughly evaluated and considered - an assessment is made based on factors like number of transactions to be processed and turnaround time involved. Do not hesitate to contact us to arrive on a model which suits your needs.

Our Bookkeepers’ Expertise